Current Progress

Completed Project

Sharia Workplace

  • Based on the teaching of the Quran, following Islamic rules and principles
  • Halal certified food and beverages
  • Prohibition of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or any intoxicants
  • Separation between unmarried men and women
  • Sufficient provision of prayer room, surau and mosques

Digital Ecosystem

  • Interactive Information Wall in the office
  • Sci-Fi inspired high-tech meeting rooms
  • Smart meeting room interior concept
  • Embracing digital interactivity through media

Vibrant Public Space

  • Enchanting Podium Deck
  • Unique & Interesting Retail Experience
  • Seamless Connection & Pedestrian Friendly

Green Design

  • Sustainable and Bioclimatic Setting
  • Greenary Rooftop
  • Garden-Like Ambiance
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